Did you see it??? It was so big and so bright! Later on in the night, the moon light actually lit up the office! The hubs and I decided at the last minute to take a drive over to the beach. Apparently, so did a few others - lol. Although we didn't see the moon at its largest rising up in the east, it was still big and bright. We actually had a better view when we got back to our neighborhood. I don't have a "super" camera but I was able to snap a shot of the moon's reflection on one of the ponds in our community...

Moon through bushes at the back gate.

Bye moon - See ya later!

Had headed to the beach - but too much lunatic traffic!

Got to use my dad's old telescope.

I keep it in his memory box...
Along with his old camera, his pipe and poker chips which are
actually my grandfather's from WWII.

Moon reflecting on the pond - before the fish started going nuts!

It's been fun seeing the shots on Twitter and facebook...
Some great shots are over on flickr.
Hope you got to see it and Happy First Day of Spring!
It's another GORGEOUS day out in South Florida. Yesterday, I passed by two local Home Depot Garden Center's to pick up some ferns for the dining space and some pink flowers to add to my containers outside - which is where I'm gonna be today.

What are you up to the weekend?
What ever it is - enJOY it!

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  1. It was gorgeous! We saw it rising up over the trees while we were at a St. Patrick's Day party by the pool. I didn't have my camera with me and was kicking myself! I flipped the blinds last night as I went to bed and it the whole backyard was lit up! Simply stunning!



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